17th Nov 2019 by

    What worth is the gown?Whose whiteness makes the stars frown,Whose cost burns the diamond with hate,Yet the maiden it covers is not chaste. What worth is the veil?Which shimmers like a peacock’s tail,Which hides the visage of the bride,Yet she has lost her pride. Take your string and lace your boot,Tie the knot on an… Read more


    9th Nov 2019 by

    I made the first stroke,On our virgin framed canvas,Sheer ecstasy!Coating our painting of love,A brush and a palette,Crimson ink from my heart,Briskly cultured my half,Melted affection into art. But you left your half untouched,Your beret to gather dust,Your bristles dry and parched,Your heart sated and scarlet,Void picture!Halfway quenched,Like a dying fire with no bellows,A piano… Read more

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